Starting it’s first plant in the name of Archi Steel Wires, Vidushi Wires started in 1995 and has crossed many milestones to become a one-stop company for all customers needing steel products in India & across the globe. Build your world with us.

1 Inception 1995 5000 Tonnes Production Annually
2 ISO Certification 1998
3 Began Operations 1999 Took Up The Ambitious Project Of 10000 Tonnes Production Per Year As Per The Rising Market Demands
4 In- House Heat Treatment Plant 2000 Increase The Depth In Steel Industry To Better Process
5 Initiate In House Annealing 2002 300 tonnes capacity
6 Bright Bar Manufacturing 2003 Catering to automotive machined component manufacturers
7 Accreded As India’s One Of The Leading Steel Processing Company 2005 Largest One Roof Heat Treatment Facilities Offering Wide Range Of Services
8 Accreded As One Of The Biggest Annealing Plants In India 2008 Annealing Capacity Increased To 1100 Tonnes
9 Rolling Shaped Wires Manufacturing 2009 Catering To automotives & Infrastructure Applications
10 Addition Of Cold Forging Unit Manufacturing Component 2011 The most ambitious project of Vidushi which forward integrated it’s product line and helped serve the customers request was by the decision to add a forging unit manufacturing components, in 2011
11 Shifting The Heat Treatment Plant To Green Enerrgy: LNG 2012 India’s 2nd private company to shift it’s entire heat treatment plant to green energy (LNG) and being responsible citizens of this world.
12 Expansion of cold forging unit 2017 Production Capacity Increased To 50000 Tonnes
13 Introduction of Zero Liquid Discharge Plant 2018


Anil Bagaria

Mr. Anil Bagaria, founder of the company, was a highly trained metallurgist from IIT-Kanpur working in Mukand Iron & Steel. A born visionary by heart, Mr. Bagaria founded this company and started business from a small area of 600 sq. mtr in 1989 under the name of M/s Archi Steel Wires Pvt Ltd. He directed the working of the business during the initial tough days and guided the growth / working culture of the company. Sadly in 1994, he died due to cancer leading a big loss to the company but his vision still being followed till date.

Sunil Poddar

Mr. Sunil Poddar, a commerce graduate with over 30 years experience in steel industry, is the founder director of the company. He along with Mr. Anil Bagaria founded this company in 1989. Mr. Poddar has been guiding the company fortunes since then, under name of M/s. Vidushi Wires since 1995. From modest beginnings, he has pioneered the growth of business activities at Vidushi towards achieving its present national stature and pre-eminent position as a wire processor and manufacturer of various steel components.

Gautam Poddar

Mr. Gautam Poddar is the Managing Director of the company. A commerce graduate with more than 25 years of experience, he is a master of planning & execution and has been constantly developing the company infrastructure to match the current market trends. A pioneer in operation management, he is presently in charge of overall operations of Wire division and actively involved in strategic decision making of the company.

Mr Saket Bagaria is the Executive Director of the company. A graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Pune University, he has more than 10 years of diverse and wide-ranging experiences. Right from learning about the basics of wire business to developing a new vertical of the company, he has been forefront in leading the cold forging division of the company. All the activities of cold forging are directed under him and so is the development of new business opportunities.

Keshav Bagaraia

Mr Keshav Bagaria , executive director of the company, is actively involved in the cold forging business along with Mr. Saket. A trained Metallurgist from University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, he did his MBA in Global business strategy from Milan. It was his efforts and constant push due to which Vidushi Wires decided to enter the export market leading to becoming a major exporter and now a star export house. Currently, he is directly responsible for strategic decision making leading the future growth of the business.